VERA WADE GALLERY - Exhibiting Fine Art and Archival Materials

Our current exhibition has been postponed due to renovations in the area and will be opened again as soon as possible towards Easter.
Thank you for your patience.

NORMAL OPEN HOURS 11am -2pm Monday to Friday 
(except public holidays) See our friendly guides to assist you.

Your Experience
As visitors descend the contemporary metal stairwell and into the gallery, they are welcomed into the exhibition space as daylight pours in from a ceiling of glass tiles. Massive Romanesque pillars and elegant archways are juxtaposed seamlessly in this combination of new and old world charm.

Why A Gallery in our church?

In memory of Vera, the gallery was created during major renovations to Saint Andrew's. It was dedicated on Sunday 17th October 2010. 
As a member of the congregation, Vera Wade's vision was for Saint Andrew's to have a functioning art gallery providing a venue for exhibitions of archival material and fine art exhibitions. We promote emerging artists and community groups as well as faith inspired works.

Information about Vera Bailey Wade

She was born at Kangaroo Point on the 12th November 1917. 
Throughout her life, she enjoyed fellowship, meaning and inspiration through Christian worship. Vera was an accomplished musician, a Fellow of Trinity College London and a foundation member of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. 
She was gifted with a sharp intellect, a keen sense of humour and a quiet reliance on the grace of God. Vera passed away on 17 March 2007.